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Welcome. Come on inside, out of the rain. Pour yourself
something to warm your bones and pull up a chair.
I've got a story for you...

Mercy River
Mercy River

Mercy River

Available March 12, 2019 (US)
and April 4, 2019 (UK)

When his friend Leo Pak is arrested for murder, Van Shaw journeys to a remote Oregon county to help his fellow soldier. The troubled vet had come to the small town of Mercy River for a reunion of hundreds of former and active Rangers—a raucous event that dominates the town for one weekend each year. The reunion is more than just a party; it's the central celebration of a growing support network called the Rally, founded and led by a highly decorated Special Operations general.

Van's quest to help Leo quickly leads to a dangerous labyrinth involving smuggled opioids, ruthless mercenaries, and deadly family secrets. Staying alive will mean weighing his criminal instincts against his loyalties to his brothers in arms, and force Van to question his own belief in putting justice above the letter of the law.

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