March 16-19
A Guest of Honor at Left Coast Crime 2023: Trouble in Tucson
Tucson, AZ

A Note from Glen:

Left Coast Crime is the conference I recommend to mystery fans and authors taking their first plunge into the convention circuit. It offers the warmest welcome any newcomer could want, combined with superb facilitation and panels.

And the queso on this burrito of fun: LCC has asked me to me a Guest of Honor next year. It’s my first time as a conference honoree and I’m tremendously thrilled.

If you’ve ever considered attending a convention for mystery lovers, this one promises to be a blast. LCC has arranged for great rates at the El Conquistador Hilton Resort so we can vacation in style. I hope you’ll consider joining us. There’s no better celebration than to be surrounded by friends.

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Author Glen Erik Hamilton
Author Glen Erik Hamilton

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