Every Day Above Ground

Book 3

It sounds like a thief’s dream to Van Shaw: A terminally-ill ex-con tells him of a fortune in gold, abandoned and nearly forgotten after the original owner died in prison. To rebuild his destroyed house and to help the dying man leave a legacy for his pre-teen daughter, Van agrees to the job. But the safe holding the fortune is a trap, set by a mysterious player armed with tremendous resources and a lifetime of hatred.

Soon, Van’s partner is abducted, and the lives of both Van and the ex-con’s daughter are threatened. To discover who has them in the cross-hairs, Van must figure out who the hunters are really after—while being hunted himself.


“Hamilton’s outstanding third Van Shaw novel fulfills the promise of the earlier entries…. The suspenseful, fast-moving plot is a good match for the empathetic, nuanced lead.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Few balance hard boiled crime and humanism as well as Glen Erik Hamilton.”
—A MysteryPeople July Pick

“In Every Day Above Ground, Hamilton has built an extraordinarily layered plot, as labyrinthine as it is ingenious, sustained by his now-trademark tight, sharp narrative… [his] strength in characterisation also shines through, allowing him to breathe abundant life into his intriguing cast of characters.”
Thriller Books Journal

“Hamilton’s first two books in this series were solid, but Every Day Above Ground is his best work yet. There is so much packed into this one that readers will struggle to set it down once the plot takes off…”
—The Real Book Spy

“Hamilton’s third novel in the Van Shaw series is a fast paced, layered read featuring a deeply sympathetic (and moral, given his less than legal activities) protagonist who struggles with his inner demons even as he tries to build a meaningful life for himself… This series is always surprising and always fun. It’s a perfect mix of serious crime and caper movie…”
—Criminal Element

“With three outstanding novels under his belt, [Hamilton] has laid a solid foundation for a long and successful career. Plot, character, and pacing are all top-notch.”
Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

“This very creative series will steal the reader’s attention from the beginning to the very end.”
Iron Mountain Daily News

Every Day Above Ground, the third in the series, is indeed the charm. It is Hamilton’s most ambitious work to date, beginning with a simple concept that becomes increasingly complex, all the while keeping the reader firmly entrenched in the story.”
—20SomethingReads (for

“Hamilton writes really well-balanced thrillers, which blend page-turning plotlines with fascinating, memorable characters, good action, and a great sense of place… This is a very good tale in what is becoming a must-read series. “
Mystery Scene Magazine

“The wet, wind-whipped Seattle landscape once again provides a stunning, atmospheric backdrop to a riveting thriller which confirms Hamilton’s place in the pantheon of top crime writers.”
Lancashire Evening Post

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